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Important message from the Wayne 11th CDRC


Recently information was passed on to the Wayne 11th CDRC regarding two candidates running in the Northville TWP primary election; Marjorie Banner running for Northville Clerk, and, Steve McGuirk running for Northville Trustee.

That information turned over to the committee documented past contributions to prominent Democrat’s campaigns and/or affiliations with Democrat organizations in Northville and Michigan.  Both of these candidates were contacted for a statement or comment regarding the information provided to the committee but neither have done so.

Per our By-Laws, it is the policy of the Wayne 11th Committee to remain neutral in contested Republican primary races except under extraordinary circumstances.

Section 11.4 reads:  “It shall be the policy of the Wayne 11th CDRC not to endorse individual candidates in a contested Republican primary election, except where an endorsement will significantly benefit the Republican Party in the Wayne 11th District.  The Executive Committee may endorse, support or disavow an individual candidate in a contested Republican or non-partisan special election, or Republican or non-partisan primary election… provided that a motion whether to endorse a particular candidate be adopted by two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Wayne 11th CDRC”

Therefore the Wayne 11th Committee has taken the extraordinary actions of:

1)   Endorsing ROGER LUNDBERG for Northville Township Clerk

2)   Disavowing STEVE MCGUIRK for Northville Trustee

The Wayne 11th Committee believes these actions will significantly benefit the Republican Party in the Wayne 11th District.

James Hooper
Wayne 11th CDRC

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