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October 6, 2015: Hypotheses about guns, destroyed by ugly facts

We all mourn for the loss of life in Oregon. Predictably, the President and his liberal minions won’t let a tragedy go to waste, and immediately screamed for additional gun control. No one could quite describe how restrictions like waiting periods and trigger locks had anything to do with this criminal in Oregon, but that never bothers those in Rio Lindo. But if we’re going to change the topic to general gun violence (a concession that none of any liberal-inspired regulation would have prevented this crime), I’ll refer you to two experts on the source.

First, this is a Facebook response to an allegation that guns don’t prevent violence. My friend says it better than I could:

Here is where your “theory” breaks down. Most so the death stats in the home are skewed by suicides. Secondly I have used a firearm twice in my life to prevent a crime against me. Once a man at a red light exited his vehicle with an axe handle and approached my vehicle with intent. I had every right to blow his *ss away but I stuck my .38 in his face and ordered him to drop his weapon to which he immediately complied. The second time a female neighbor came to my home reporting that a man had broken out a window in her home and was assaulting her roommate. I confronted the assailant with my .30-.30 hunting rifle and held him until police arrived 20 minutes later. I am 51 years old and have never harmed anyone in my household nor am I likely to use a firearm to commit suicide (I would go for Morphine OD). I refer you to the MANY business owners in both the Rodney King and the Michael Brown riots who avoided violence when they produced legally owned fire arms. So….back to my point that as long as criminals can access weapons of ANY kind, a trained civilian competent in the use of arms and knowledge to properly store them is still the best deterrent to violence.

Second, I refer to you Detroit Police Department Chief James Craig, where an understand of proper gun use (deter criminal action), has led to:

  • A 7% drop in violent crime
  • A 14% in criminal homicide
  • A 8% drop in non-fatal shootings.

He says it better than I do:

Detroit Police Chief James Craig encourages residents to pack heat. The result? Crime in the city is down significantly.

Posted by Fox & Friends on Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Also, see the accompanying story below.

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